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Social Isolation and Loneliness in Dementia Care
(2021 – 2023)

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The aim of this study is to investigate social isolation and loneliness pathways and experiences in principal resident care partners for someone living with dementia. Our results will offer unique insights into interdependent relationships and the experience of social isolation and/or loneliness and dementia. These understandings will contribute to practical educational resources for families and practitioners to both recognize social isolation and loneliness and implement support strategies. This study is funded by RTOERO Foundation.

The research team includes:

  • Mary Pat Sullivan and Veronika Williams, Nipissing University (CA)
  • Christina Victor, Brunel University London (UK)
  • Adetola Grillo, Independent practitioner (CA)
  • Jessica Bertuzzi, Alzheimer Society Sudbury Manitoulin North Bay and Districts (CA)

Contact us for a lay description of the publications from this study.

“It’s been good. I find it always things like this, always make you concentrate more on your different parts your life that you don’t really think about because you go through your life just doing things and not really paying much attention as you go along your way. Though, I mean, it’s always, I love to talk about stuff, so I mean, you know, this is good, and I’ve enjoyed this part. I’ve, I’ve seen through each of the exercises what you get out of it too. And I think, you know, it’s, it’s thought-provoking stuff for you to, to discuss which is really helpful.” (Research Participant)

Nipissing University
Brunel University
Alzheimer Society - Sudbury-Manitoulin North Bay & Districts
RTO Foundation