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Awareness & Advocacy

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At RDS Canada, we are committed to awareness raising and advocacy for rare and young onset dementia.

The Rare Dementia Support Impact Study (2019-23) is an example of our commitment to identifying the support needs unique to people affected by rare or young onset dementia. We know that to receive a timely diagnosis and access to support is important to improve people’s understanding of dementia overall. This includes raising awareness to dementia symptoms that are not always memory-led, highlighting that dementia is not a normal part of the aging process and that there are many different types of dementia, some of which are more common for people in their younger years. This type of awareness has the potential to facilitate a timely diagnosis and earlier connections to support.

In addition to engagement with learning through research RDS Canada offers education and awareness through webinars, informational handouts and our social media channels. Our Advisory Circle serves as an advocate and ambassador for people affected by rare and young onset dementia in the community. Our partnerships with organizations and charities help to build networks of support for people of all ages who are affected by dementia.

Also, check out our News stories for updates on our activities.

Canadian organizations advocating for change include:

Dementia Advocacy Canada is a “grassroots group of people living with dementia and care partners.” Dementia Advocacy Canada strives to shape an inclusive Canada. To read more:

The Alzheimer Society of Canada “offers programs and support services, fundraises to advance research, advocates for policy change and increases public awareness.” To read more:

The Taking Action Against Stigma and Discrimination Associated with Dementia project has developed a toolkit called ‘Flipping Stigma on its Ear’. For more information:

Dementia | Flipping Stigma Tool Kit